The science and standards behind Proskills.

Our mission is to provide you and your candidates with an enjoyable and highly accurate screening experience—without bias or stress. We achieve this by taking a deeply scientific, multi-layered approach that ensures our screening tests are always valid, reliable, and fair.

Reading the man, not what he read

Psychometric tests can be broadly branched off into two major categories, namely ability test and personality and attitude test. These tests are made unbiased by using standard methods of assessment such that everyone is provided with the same set of questions and instructions. Moreover, the time taken to answer each question, is noted. This allows candidates to be assessed on how well they cope with time pressure. The results of a psychometric test indicate the extent to which the candidates’ personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role. According to assessment consultants, such tests help companies in looking for candidates that will best suit the requirements for a specific job. This saves a substantial amount of money, thus increasing profitability in the long run. They give an insight into the working style of a candidate and the manner in which he/she responds to the work environment and fellow employees. According to a research, 81% of those using psychometric tools were likely to take less risky decisions and were more reliable and 57% believed that they could help in anticipating future performances. A candidate can have all the right details on his/her CV and perform well in his interviews, but he/she might be hiding certain qualities that might bring down his/her performance at the workplace. Moreover, not everyone has the skills to perform exceptionally well in interviews. Psychometric tests ensure that such candidates can demonstrate that they have what it takes to be successful in a position even if they don’t necessarily shine in the interview stage.

Created and validated by experts

It all starts with our psychometrics team. First, we use the proven and well-established principles of test theory to design the framework for our tests. Then, subject-matter experts in each field develop the questions for these tests with guidance from our team. These tests are then peer reviewed by other experts to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.

Reliable tests backed by science

Our work doesn’t stop there. Our advanced statistical algorithms analyze key indicators that verify and improve our tests on an ongoing basis. We use measures such as Cronbach’s alpha to help us track and confirm the internal consistency of the questions in a test.

Fair for all candidates.

We’ve built our platform and tests on the standards that match Equal Employment Opportunity to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process. This means you’ll see your best candidates ranked the highest regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or age. We also periodically use differential item functioning (DIF) studies performed on data collected from candidates. This helps us to continually remove any potential adverse impact from the hiring process.