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Our mission is to enable organisations to build winning teams by taking credible people decisions across two key areas, talent acquisition, and development.

Based on our experience in developing Data scientists through the Institute of Data Science,

There are many solutions and insights that data science can deliver to the recruitment industry. At untapt, the interest has been on using data science to improve the candidate experience as well as to provide insight for hiring managers–accelerating the entire process and reducing the workload.

Amongst other approaches, we have been using data science with clients to:

  • drive relevant communication by providing insight on when and what to communicate with prospective candidates
  • develop automated recruitment platforms that facilitate meaningful connections
  • predict future leaders and identify transferable skills
  • analyze workforce to identify skill gaps at a given firm
  • map out talent pools and compare candidates in vector space (see illustration below)
  • identify areas of training for career progression
  • provide analytics on hiring trends and companies

What We Do?

Our research-backed assessments, efficient cloud platform, and in-depth analytics help us deliver transformative results for our clients and their employees. We create customized assessments across the employee lifecycle, including pre-hiring screening, candidate skills assessment, training, and development programs for employees/students, certification exams, contests and beyond.

Online Talent Assessments

Recruitment and L&D Solutions

Exams, Certification and Proctoring

Note from Our CEO

We at Proskills measure talent to help companies Build Winning Teams! It’s our firm belief that for companies to survive & thrive in this disrupted world, the only possible way is to Hire, Develop and Engage the sharpest talent and give them the freedom to rethink every process of value creation.

Thats where Proskills comes in as the Talent measurement expert with its proven ability to curate and administer assessments that measure knowledge, skill, cognition, and behavior needed in the context of the job role, company, industry, and geography.

We endeavor to build brilliant but straightforward solutions on the cloud that are taken to the Global markets by some of the sharpest minds in the business.

We combine technology, psychology and data to translate people’s diverse characteristics into easy to understand, easy to action solutions that are accessible to everyone for their recruitment, retention and development decisions. 

Team Proskills