What are basic numeracy tests?

It’s so easy to forget some of the basic numeracy principles that we once learnt. With this in mind we have put together this test pack to help you refresh your skills and improve your performance.

If your maths is a bit rusty, a little bit of practice can really help you brush up on your skills.


What skills do basic numeracy tests assess?

In order to demonstrate a basic education and intelligence, many companies request applicants to pass a numeracy test.
These tests can vary in content and style but will ultimately assess basic numerical abilities as well as more complex logical thinking.

Our practice test have been designed to help you refresh your numerical skills so that you can be successful at your assessment centre.

What is the basic numeracy test format?

A basic numerical reasoning test is one of the most commonly used psychometric tests.

It will test your ability to carry out basic calculations and understand basic mathematical concepts.

The maths required is generally secondary school level (for age 16). You will typically have between 45 seconds and 2 minutes to answer each questions and so you will need to be well practiced and efficient.

These questions will require you to demonstrate basic mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This also extends to factions and decimals, rounding numbers and finding averages.

Be mindful that typically a calculator is not allowed for these types of tests.

What are the most common types of basic numeracy test?

Whilst most numeracy tests are fairly similar, it is important that you are aware of common assessments used by employees:

  • SHL Verify Calculation test is a basic algebraic test. It consists of equations with one missing variable. You will be expected to calculate the numbers to find the variable’s correct value.
  • Cut-e Numeracy Test requires more logical thought. The result and operators of the equation are the only information available, and so all of the variables are missing. You will need to establish which set of numbers will make the equation work.